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Healthy, Natural Organic Furniture

If you are concerned about synthetic glues, dyes, and other chemicals in your home, The Custom Shop can help. We are partnered with Furnature, a company dedicated to providing high-quality organic furniture.

When you visit our shop, you will see a splendid selection of bed frames and other furniture that are perfect for your environmentally friendly home. Stop in today to see all the great options in natural furniture.
organic funiture
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Live Well With Furnature

When you want to explore the world's only line of mattresses, bedding, fabrics, and furniture custom designed specifically for environmentally friendly homes and people with multiple chemical sensitivities, check out Furnature.

We offer a wide range of home furnishings that are created for truly healthy homes.
  • Frames and upholstery furniture made from selected woods, such as spruce, poplar, and hard rock maple that have not been treated with harmful substances
  • Untreated, kiln-dried hard rock maple frames
  • Furniture made without synthetic glues, chemicals, dyes, polymers, toxins, or finishing sprays
  • Chemical-free cotton stuffing, muslin underlayment, and barrier cloth
  • Loose pillows feature permanent barrier cloth, muslin undercover, and zippered outer cover
  • 100% organically grown upholstery fabrics
  • Over 50,000 regular home decorator fabrics
  • Fabrics that have been SafeWashed and shrunk to remove most of the unpleasant fabric finish and dye odors commonly found in off-the-shelf materials
Our materials have multiple ingredient certifications.
  • Natural latex certification
  • Organic cotton certification
  • Wool certification
  • Fabric certification
You can find Furnature at The Custom Shop. Call us at 617-926-2888 or visit our shop at 86 Coolidge Avenue to learn more.
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