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Durable Pet Slipcovers

If your furniture endures a lot of wear and tear from pets, custom slipcovers can save its appearance. Slipcovers can be removed quickly and easily, washed, and put back on. When you have The Custom Shop make them, you get attractive slipcovers that match your décor and make your home look good.

Custom slipcovers made from durable materials are also good for homes with small children and businesses with high traffic. Instead of replacing expensive furniture every few years, you can use slipcovers to preserve your sofas and chairs for years to come.
pet slipcovers
pet slipcovers

Protect Your Slipcovers with SafeWash Treatments

Don’t forget to ask us about our “SafeWash” service. It’s the easiest way to make washable slipcovers and remove most mill applied chemical treatments. If you intend to hand or machine wash your slipcovers, please ask us about the option of over-locking the seams to prevent unraveling.

For a FREE estimate on new slipcovers for your home or office, please call us at 617-926-2888. We will be glad to show you a wide range of colors, styles, and fabrics.
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